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West Plainfield Fire Protection District Professional Conduct Policy


The intent of this policy is to identify and define both acceptable and unacceptable conduct for members of the West Plainfield Fire Protection District.


This policy applies to all members of the West Plainfield Fire Protection District.


The West Plainfield Fire Protection District recognizes that all members must conduct themselves in a professional manner while representing the department. The District recognizes that public perception and trust are important and all members must strive to protect the image and reputation of the District. This policy is intended to give all members an understanding of conduct which is acceptable and which is unacceptable. The West Plainfield Fire Protection District also recognizes that this policy cannot encompass every example of conduct.

In matters of general conduct all members are to be governed by common and reasonable rules of conduct observed by law abiding and self-respecting citizens.

All members will abide by the rules outlined in the West Plainfield Operations and Procedures Manual.

West Plainfield Officers will be responsible to ensure members follow the highest standards of conduct.


·        Be courteous and respectful when dealing with the public. Treat the public the way you would like             your family treated.

·        Members will be respectful and conscious of each member’s safety and welfare.

·        Members will never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, age, marital status,                     national origin, ancestry, gender, sexual preference, medical condition or handicap.

·        Horseplay, practical jokes or other disorderly conduct which may endanger the safety or well-being           of any member or the public is unacceptable.

·        Punctuality is expected. All members are required to report to any given assignment (including                     meetings, classes, etc.) promptly and on time.

·        Members will not, on or off duty, use the uniform, badge or prestige of the District for the purpose of           personal gain.

·        No member shall go off duty before change of shift unless properly relieved or authorized.

·        No member will be a party to any malicious gossip, report or activity which could disrupt District                 morale or bring discredit to the District or its members.

·        Members shall not engage in practices the District determines may be inconsistent with the                        ordinary and reasonable rules of conduct necessary to the welfare of the District, its members or the          citizens we serve.

·        No member shall receive a reward, fee or valuable gift from any person for service incident to the               performance of duty, except as authorized by the Fire Chief or Board of Commissioners of the                     District.

·        There will be no unauthorized use of District material, time, personnel, equipment or property.

·        Members will not put their feet on desks or furniture in any public access area.

·        Members will not be allowed to sleep on the job or lie down during working hours unless                             authorized by a supervisor.

·        Members will not watch TV while on duty with the exception of training programs, during                               authorized breaks, when important news is being broadcast pertaining to fire and/or life safety,                  during District recognized holidays or when approved by a supervisor.

·        Members will not falsify or mutilate any District document or record.

·        Members will not engage in acts of dishonesty, fraud, theft or sabotage; nor will they conspire with             anyone to circumvent or evade any law or regulation.

·        Members will use social networking, electronic communications, or other media technology                        opportunities in a manner that does not discredit, dishonor or embarrass the District, the fire service            or the public

·        Any general or specific orders issued hereafter are to be recognized as additions to these Rules of            Conduct and shall have equal force and effect.



Authorized Personnel Members of the West Plainfield Fire Protection District and any visitors directly or indirectly related to members of the West Plainfield Fire Protection District

District – The West Plainfield Fire Protection District including the West Plainfield Fire Department.


·        Members of the West Plainfield Fire Protection District are:

o   Paid Staff

o   Volunteers

o   Relief Firefighters

o   West Plainfield Fire Protection District Commissioners

o   West Plainfield Fire Protection District Clerk

Non Public Access Areas:

·        Kitchen/dining area

·        Apparatus floor

·        Storage areas including Sea Trains

·        Training/day room

Public Access Areas:

·        The front office including the public counter and staff desks

·        All outside areas directly in view of County Road 95 with the exception of the patio area located in               the rear of the station