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May contain: clothing, glove, helmet, person, footwear, shoe, transportation, truck, vehicle, machine, and wheel

The West Plainfield Fire Department is recruiting for on-call driver/operators. The ideal candidate should be a confident, resilient, flexible, strong team member, able to think quickly under pressure, to communicate effectively and possess the discipline and maturity to work unsupervised for prolonged periods, including on scene.

Salary and Hours – On-Call Operator: $20.00 per hour. The Department operates on a 48/96 schedule. Sick, vacation, or upstaffing (red flag fire days or special events) coverage over weekends and during holidays can be expected. Requests for coverage could be preplanned or for immediate need. Additionally, requests for cover could be for periods of less than 48 hours. No guaranteed number of hours.

***NON-CALPERS Position***

WPFPD - Application - Suppression - 2023.pdfWPFPD - Operator (On Call) - 2023 - Job Flyer.pdfWPFPD - Operator (On Call) - Job Description - v 081523.pdf