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Training Facility

The West Plainfield Fire Department, Training Division, with the assistance of the West Plainfield Fire Department Volunteer Firefighters Association and the Woodland Community College Fire Academy, is developing a training facility on its premises for the benefit of its members, the community it serves, and the emergency services community of Yolo County.

The facility will train area firefighters in fire suppression and rescue techniques, utilizing a burn building and various props: roof, forcible entry, propane, etc. It is our hope that most of the materials and labor necessary to build up this training facility will be donated by various organizations and individuals throughout Yolo County.

The intent is to develop a training facility that is available to all emergency services agencies and educational agencies in Yolo County. It is hoped that initial funding can be located through grants, inter-agency agreements and private contributions. Ongoing operational expenses will be worked out as the facility comes together, but the concept is to create a training facility that provides a quality experience while not having a detrimental fiscal impact on any singular agency.