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Sharon Grafton, Clerk

Appointing Authority: Fire District President
Mailing Address:
24901 County Road 95 Davis, CA 9616

Sharon began working for the West Plainfield Fire Protection District in 2008.  Sharon had been working for a Forensic Fire Investigator shortly after moving to Sacramento which sparked her interest the fire service.  During her 14 years working for the Fire Investigator she learned a great deal and she says he was a great mentor.   Sharon also worked for the Uniform Fire Code Association during that time and the National Code Services Association, as Executive Assistant.  Because of this knowledge and interest she has continued to working for West Plainfield Fire Fire Protection District as the  Board Clerk. Sharon's duties include documenting meeting minutes, drafting and posting meeting agendas and announcements and the coordination of paying the bills. Although events in her life have caused her to change careers she still finds time to perform the duties assigned by the Board of Commissioners.