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Charlie Hjerpe

Appointing Authority: Yolo County Board of Supervisors
Mailing Address:
24901 County Road 95 Davis, CA 95616

Charlie Hjerpe was first appointed to the Fire Commissioner in 2008. He was born in New Britain, CT in 1934. Charlie graduated from Cornell University as a veterinarian in 1958, and subsequently worked in private, mixed animal veterinary practice for 5 years, first as an assistant in Clarksville, NY, and later starting up his own practice in Torrington, CT. In 1963, he moved to Davis with his wife, Suzanne, 2 young children, Laura, 3, and Carl, 1, and began teaching food animal veterinary medicine at UC Davis as an Assistant Professor. They adopted their daughter, Kim, in 1969, at 3 years of age and moved to the West Plainfield District in 1970, after purchasing the Moon property on Road 95. Charlie became a  full Professor in 1977 and from 1980, until his retirement in 1994,Charlie also served as the Director of the UCD Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital.